Becoming a Client

Our office specializes in creating custom designed estate plans that reflect the personal values and goals of our clients. Every client’s estate and long term plan are unique and important, regardless of net worth. We want to help them create a workable plan to preserve their estate from unnecessary administration fees, costs, and taxes, while planning for and protecting their loved ones in keeping with their unique family circumstances.

The Satori Estate Planning Process

Step 1: The Consultation Meeting

Prior to our consultation meeting, we will send you a questionnaire for you to fill out your background information. This helps prepare for and make our consultation meeting as productive and efficient as possible. We will discuss in detail your background and family, your goals and concerns, and any issues that are important to you.

Together we will work through the details of the plan design to create a customized estate plan strategy that meets your goals and objectives while addressing your concerns. 

  • Create a living trust to avoid probate court and other fees 
  • Assist in selecting successor trustees  
  • Design the trust structure to protect your beneficiaries  
  • Create a durable power of attorney for your finances.  
  • Prepare your health care power of attorney  
  • Assist in funding of your trust 

Step 2: The Review Meeting

We will review with you the trust and other documents to ensure that you understand the estate plan and that it meets your goals and objectives. We will update any changes discussed during this meeting. 

Step 3: The Signing Meeting

Our staff notary public will meet with you and assist you with the signing and notary of your final trust documents.

Long-Term Client Care

We understand that your financial situations and family circumstances may change in the future. We therefore recommend that your trust be reviewed every two years to help ensure that your estate plan will always be up to date. 

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