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While traditionally the holiday season is the time for giving thanks and exchanging gifts, you should consider making gifts sooner rather than later to avoid the year-end rush. Below are some gifting ideas you can use now to benefit your family, friends, church, alma mater or those in need:
Make cash gifts to family and friends – in 2015 the maximum amount that an individual can give without incurring a gift tax is $14,000; married couples can give $28,000.
Make cash gifts to non-profit organizations.
Donate appreciated assets, such as stock or real estate, to non-profit organizations.
Set up a donor-advised fund – you should work with your financial advisor to select the right company or community foundation to set up your fund.
In this low interest rate environment, inter-family loans are worth considering – intra-family loans allow you to lend money to family members at a lower interest rate than a bank or corporate lender and can be a powerful tool to transfer wealth without incurring any gift or estate tax.
If you have used up your entire lifetime gift tax exemption in prior years, note that you have gained an extra $90,000 (or $180,000 per married couple) to gift in 2015.
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