Many businesses can be started with a small financial investment. Online consignment, pet-sitting, and rideshare driver are just a few. But to grow your business, you need not just capital but internal insight. You need to understand just what makes you tick, otherwise the business will either quickly take over your life or it is likely to fail, sending you back to work for someone else.
Owning a business will bring up all of your personal issues.
Whether you are a workaholic, over caretaker, or control freak, your personal issues will invariably surface and block you as you grow your business.
This is nothing to shy away from, but instead an opportunity! Your job is to see the issues, take 100% responsibility for them, and learn, grow and evolve as a result.
And, even though you may not think of a lawyer as being able to help with these issues, we can.
For example, workaholism often has its root in being unwilling to face the reality of a broken business model. One of the things we can do to support you there is to use the Money Map process we’ve been trained in to help you identify the life you want, the real time you have available for your business, and to adjust your business model to meet your needs.
Over caretaking is often a result of your unwillingness to be disliked, which will result in you not establishing clear boundaries and often feeling taken advantage of or walked all over. We can help you with this by supporting you to get clear agreements in place with team members and vendors.
Finally, if you are a control freak (like most lawyers are, and we’ve seen in our own business-building), you may need to have better systems in place to address the fears that arise and have you unwilling to properly delegate and get the support you need. We can help you with that by supporting you to develop employment policies and procedures that not only meet your needs, but the needs of people you work with, so you can hire people who are smarter than you and then trust them to do their jobs well, understanding that they need to make mistakes and learn from them in order to grow.
While most lawyers are focused only on documents and forms, we are focused on the whole success of your life and business. Let us know if we can help.

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