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7 Questions to Ask Before You Start a New Business

When venturing into a new business, there is much to be considered. Below are a few key topics to explore prior to committing your time and/or financial resources. Why do you want to work for yourself? If your desire to start a new business comes from how much you...

Is Your Living Trust Really Going to Work For the People You Love?

  Traditionally, one of the primary reasons for establishing a living trust has been to avoid probate. But there are a few more benefits of a living trust that can help you do much more than that, if it’s set up right: Asset protection for heirs. One of the most...

Why Startups Need Lawyers, Not Legal Templates

  When growth and funding are top priorities, it is wise to not let legal soundness fall to the wayside. Not surprisingly, 1 in 10 startups fails due to overlooked legal issues. Without a lawyer looking out for your best interests, it’s easy to miss common legal...

How to Incorporate Family Values in Your Estate Planning

Baby boomers know money isn’t the only important aspect of estate planning. A 2012 study released by the Allianz Life Insurance, Co. showed baby boomers wanted to leave their family more than just financial assets. Researchers found baby boomers identified family...