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Legal Strategies to Avoid Guardianship

As senior citizens continue to age, the likelihood increases that they will become physically or mentally incapacitated. Hopefully, people in such a situation have family members who step in and help keep their affairs in order. That is not always the case, however....

Benefits of a Home-Based Business

With the advanced connectivity options available through the internet and associated devices and applications, more and more people are earning a living by working from home. Many of us, however, may be so ingrained in the notion of being employed and reporting to...

Holiday Bonus + Tax Refund Spending: Where to Put it For Max Return

Did you get a holiday bonus from your employer? Or maybe you have a tax refund coming.  If so, do you have any of it left, have you already got it spent in your mind, or are you thoughtfully considering how you can best utilize this surprise resource?  Annual bonus...

Steps You Can Take to Protect Your Communications With Your Lawyer

When you engage the services of a lawyer, an important thing to keep in mind is confidentiality. If you are a business owner in need of advice or representation, confidentiality of your business information can be critical. To understand the confidentiality present in...