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How to Make Your Inheritance Last

A 2012 study by Ohio State researcher Jay Zagorsky found that about one-third of Americans who receive an inheritance have negative savings within two years of getting their money, and of those who receive $100,000 or more, nearly one in five spend, donate or simply...

Is There an Income Tax Time Bomb Lurking in Your Estate Plan?

As the federal estate tax exemption has ballooned from $1.5 million ten years ago to $5.43 million today, the need for estate tax planning has drastically decreased.  Instead, higher income tax rates that were ushered in under the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012...

How to Have an Office Holiday Party with No Legal Hangovers

Holiday parties that had fallen victim to the economic recession are now back at many offices across the country, and are a wonderful way to show your appreciation for your employees and their hard work during the year. However, business owners are also wary of...

Tis the Season to be Gifting: How to Do It Right

Not many people would view the IRS as a charitable organization, but you might if you plan your gifting appropriately – i.e., in a way that will benefit you on your income and gift taxes. Here are guidelines when gifting to charity or your own family members...